ACBI Star Shop Awards. These are held yearly and are based on a Series of Mystery Shopper Visits. In the following Years we have been in the All Ireland Top 10

ACBI All Ireland Sausage and Pudding Competition - Overall Winner of White Pudding Category
ACBI All Ireland Sausage and Pudding Competition - Overall Supreme Champion – For White Pudding

ACBI All Ireland Spice Beef Competition - All Ireland Runner Up

Texas Beef Rib – Winner Butcher Choice Award
ACBI National BBQ Competition - Texas Beef Rib – All Ireland Overall Supreme Winner

24th July 2014- Sausage and Pudding competition
Traditional sausage category – Gold
Specialty sausage category-Pork, Leek & Black Pepper Sausage- Gold
Specialty sausage category-Mediterranean Sausage w/Fennel & Paprika- Gold

29th May 2014- National BBQ Competition
Specialty Burger Category -Greek Style Burger with Feta Cheese & Sundried Tomatoes – Gold
Specialty Burger Category – Stuffed Onion Burger – Silver
Specialty Burger Category – Black Angus Burger – Bronze
Kebab/Grillstick Category – Pork Fillet Kebab – Gold
Butchers Choice Category- Flat Iron Seasoned Steak- Gold
Butchers Choice Category – Brazilian Style Spatchcock Chicken – Gold
Butchers Choice Category – Rolled BBQ Pork Ribs – Gold

28th November 2013- National Spiced Beef Competition
Spiced beef final – Silver

30th July 2013- National sausage and pudding competition
Traditional Sausage Category – silver
Specialty sausage category –Italian Sausage – Silver
Specialty sausage category – Pork and leek sausage – Silver

28th May 2013- National BBQ Competition
Burger Catageory -1/2Lb Greek style steak burger – Gold
Kebab/Grillstick Category – Hot Sirloin Steak Kebab – Silver
Kebab/Grillstick Category-Gigot Lamb Kebab with Rosemary & Mint- Bronze
Kebab/Grillstick Category – Marinated Pork Belly Kebab – Bronze
Butchers Choice Category – 30 Day Mature Rib Eye Steak with Chilli & Black Pepper – Silver
Butchers Choice Category – Free Range Marinated Spatchcock Chicken-Bronze
Butchers Choice Category – Marinated Pork Belly with Vanilla and Whiskey – Bronze